My REAL first blog post


My name is Elizabeth Burke, or Lizzy. I’m a junior at Boston University majoring in International Relations and Sociology, studying in an advanced degree program to get my Master in Public Health at Boston University’s School of Public Health.

I decided to create this blog because I think that my roommates, siblings and parents are starting to get really sick of listening to my spirited rants. I am extremely passionate about the fields I study, and am very excited by current events and what’s happening in the world. I am fascinated by interdisciplinary approaches to today’s problems, and constantly strive to understand how to address the pressing issues of our time.

Throughout this blog, I hope to discuss a wide variety of things. I plan to post about what I’m learning in my classes, what’s interesting to me, and how my different academic focuses relate. Moreover, I will write about what is going on in the news, since I have solemnly sworn that I will never post on Facebook about my political views or controversial current events. Lastly, I am spending next semester studying at University of Copenhagen in Denmark. Although I’m not sure how diligent I will be (I have always struggled with journaling, I lack the discipline to document my life), hopefully I’ll be able to update the blog enough to keep everyone posted on my whereabouts abroad.

I am not looking to get any publicity from this, and I’m definitely not worried about how many hits this page gets. I really just need a space to organize my ideas about the things that get me heated that not many other undergraduates want to sit and talk about over coffee. I thought about signing this post “thanks for reading!” but I really highly doubt that anyone is going to read this. So, this is the end of my first blog post.


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