Accepting the future of America

Watching the Golden Globes last night I was, of course, distracted by all of the references to Donald Trump. Several presenters and award recipients commented on the current political climate, their fear for the future of Hollywood and immigrants and the media. Hearing these comments created an internal conflict for me, since on some level I agree with them, but another part of me just kept thinking “can’t we get over it already?” I stayed up all night November 8 well into the morning of the 9th, waiting for the election results. As Trump’s lead continued to grow an impending sense of doom sank into my bones, and I started picturing life in America with Donald Trump as president. I know that my everyday happenings won’t change that much, aside from my insurance coverage and what I’m studying in International Relations and Public Health. However, I pictured the massive changes that are inevitable for millions of other Americans, and I felt both sad and disappointed. The following week was difficult at BU, as many students and professors were visibly shaken by the election result. As my classes began again with the normal curriculum and the news networks found new stories to focus on, I realized that people everywhere had to start doing what’s expected of them – accept the result, and move on. A cornerstone of American democracy is the peaceful transition of power, something that many people feared in anticipation of November 8th. Although many people are unhappy with the idea of President Trump, the fact is that it’s no longer just an idea, it’s reality. My favorite saying related to the idea that we need to just get over it says something like this: “Trump is the pilot of America now. He’s the one flying our plane, and just like our pilot, you want him to be successful. You don’t want to see the pilot fail, because if he does, then we all go down with him.” Even hearing this, I’m reminded of all the reasons I don’t want to support Donald Trump. I’m continually frustrated by his outbursts on social media, his misogynistic, discriminatory comments, his agency appointments, and his statements on foreign policy and healthcare in America. However, I also accept that Trump now holds the highest office in the country. Even if he isn’t the candidate that I wanted to win, he did win. Even if Hollywood’s celebrities are typically “left-leaning” they have to accept that Donald Trump will be our president in a short 11 days. It’s time for people to accept the future of America, including a Trump presidency. This doesn’t mean that people should stop fighting for equality, championing whatever causes they stand behind. However, it does mean that fighting against an individual, one who you should hope is going to rise to the occasion, isn’t helping to move our country forward. The first step in improving the future of America is accepting that it may not be the one you always expected.


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